About Me

I write code and try to distract my teammates with poor jokes. I do front-end and mobile application development, wear flipflops, and periodically spend my time fighting evil. My turnoffs include Internet Explorer 6, poorly formatted code, and current pop music. My mom told me I'm her favorite kid.

My goal is to build cool components and software that users love. And to someday own a falcon.


Below are some of the web applications that I've built or worked on in my career.

  • Vacationauts

    AngularJS web application and mobile app for the Space Florida.

  • Mockout

    Android/iPhone app for setting up mock drafts and completed in contests.

  • maginative

    ReactJS web application displaying the branded site for maginative digital agency.

  • Adomatic

    AngularJS webapp that allows users to create their own negative or positive campaign ad.

  • TCM Summer of Darkness

    AngularJS webapp displaying the schedule and show information for Turner Classic Movie's Noir 2015 film festival.

  • Music Meets Video

    BackboneJS webapp for musical video cover contests.

  • Express Corporate Housing

    BackboneJS website for a company listing corporate housing units.

  • Bizzio

    Project Management SaaS application for commercial real estate professionals built with CodeIgniter.

  • Yardbar

    AngularJS webapp for memmbers to manage their memberships and purchase subscriptions.

  • Asbury Park

    Drupal site for the Asbury Park k-12 school system.

  • Nicepak

    Wordpress corporate site for Nicepak.

  • IdentityNow

    Cloud Access IdaaS application for SailPoint Technologies.

  • IdentityIQ

    Identity Management and Controls Application for SailPoint Technologies.

  • Blush

    Online Coaching application built on Codeigniter with Backbone.js. Utilizes the OpenTok platform for video chat.

  • 2bme

    Social aggregator for users to collect all of their social and productivity activity in one place. Includes Oauth connections to popular networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc....

  • E-Mds

    Corporate Site for E-MDs delivered on Drupal 7.

  • Halfslide Design

    Portfolio website for my freelance company, Halfslide Design.

  • Modular Inventory

    AngularJS inventory application for listing available modular buildings for sales reps and distributors.

  • iChooseGolf

    Fantasy Golf Game for fans of professional golf. Built on Codeigniter with jQuery, ExtJs.




Back-end Development


Proficient in Java frameworks such as JSF, Spring, Struts, Primefaces, Hibernate. I've been actively involved in all aspects of enterprise level JAVA design and implementation for the last 10 years. In the last two years, I've been working on a large project built with Grails


Several nodeJS apps currently in production including a SlackBot used by a creative agency to run virtual scrums and a full-featured REST API for an ios/android application.


Deep knowledge of PHP and frameworks such as Codeigniter, CakePHP, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5. Have built custom CMS/eCommerce platforms for a variety of clients.


Experience building large applications and REST APIs on rails 4. Have built custom CMS/eCommerce platforms for a variety of clients.


10 years of experience writing reports using Crytsal Reports, Jasper, BIRT, and SQR/Brio. Deep understanding of efficient database design, normalization, and SQL development

UI Programming/DevOps


Proficiency in native JS, jQuery, ExtJS, Sencha Touch, Angular.js and Backbone.js. Most projects I develop from scratch these days are built using Angular, but I can work with Ember.js, React or Backbone depending on the team environment.

HTML5 Hybrid Mobile Applications

Built several live applications using the cordova and ionic frameworks. Recently completed a project using React Native.

DevOps and automation

Several years of experience in the AWS Opsworks stack as well as writing automation scripts with chef. Have been responsible for setting up automated builds and deployment environments through Codeship for several creative agencies in an attempt to assist them in automating more of their manual tasks.

Hosting/Server Management

3 Years of experience deploying applications to dedicated linux servers, Amazon Web Services, and Rackspace Cloud platforms. 10 years of experience managing Linux servers on Ubuntu and RedHat.

UI design

Experience with Twitter Bootstrap. Can proficiently write css3 and html5 sites/applications. Extensive knowledge in wireframing and user interface design. I am able to design interfaces with usabillity in mind.

Other Relevant Skills

Power-napping, Coffee-drinking, Swearing under-my-breath, Beer tasting/disposal, Unicorn Fan-Fiction

Magical Pyramid of Skills ™

Java, PHP, Rails, NodeJS
jQuery, ExtJS, Backbone.js, AngularJS, SASS/LESS/CSS
My top skills. WordPress, Drupal, good taste for design/UX

Web Design, Photoshop, Wireframing, Prototyping
Linux, OS X, Bash, MySQL, Apache Webserver, Amazon AWS
Some experience. Agile development, Ubuntu, Usabiliy testing, Design Patterns, ActionScript 3, SEO

Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft IIS, Flash, Django, Ruby on Rails, Facebook API
Microsoft Office, Color theory, UX, HCI, Python, iOS, Android, Mobile application development
Familiarity & hobbies. Financial History, Politics, Concentrating, Beer-Brewing, Napping, Raising Children, Snowboarding